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2008 introduced the first generation of H600FB distributed DC power supply unit, the first generation UP5-G micro DC operating power.

2009 HDP600 launched the second generation of distributed DC power supply device, a second-generation micro DC operating power HMP.

2010 Year HDP600 / 220 / 22-2 distributed DC power supply, UP5-G100-220-2 micro DC operating power, HMP600 / 220 / 12-2 Mini DC Power by country relay protection and automation equipment for Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, Xuchang Cape Cape Electric Testing Institute laboratory.

2011 HDP600-3 launched the third generation of distributed DC power supply unit, the third generation of HMP-3 micro DC operating power.

2012 launched HTLDP power supply unit, HPBM intelligence module project started.

2013 Year HPBM intelligent module production.

2014 Year HTLCP super energy-integrated device project started .

2015 Year HDP-4 fourth generation of distributed DC power supply development project starts ......
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