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New Opportunities of Digital Manufacturing in Industrial Internet
date:2019-01-12    Views: 2376

At present, a new round of global scientific and technological revolution is booming. Industrial Internet, as the product of a new generation of manufacturing technology, is increasingly becoming the key support of the new industrial revolution, which will have an all-round, deep-seated and revolutionary impact on industrial development. Recently, there has been a heated discussion on how to "digital" industry of industrial Internet.

Digital Transformation Achieves Intelligent Enterprises

Wang Zhiqin, Vice President of China Information and Communication Research Institute, said at the just-concluded China International Big Data Industry Expo in 2018 that "the industrial Internet can realize the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries in the process of quantitative and qualitative changes, and it also innovates many new modes and new formats, which should be said to be a powerful way to support industrial changes". Gao Hongwei, chairman of China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., also believes that, from the start of building the ecology of cloud manufacturing industry cluster, Aerospace Cloud Network places the allocation of resources and business process optimization of market players scattered in all corners of the country at the center, and gradually advances from three levels of saving money, earning money and "generating" money to coordinate with the transformation and upgrading of Chinas industrial enterprises, and ultimately realizes the transformation and upgrading of Chinas industrial enterprises from cloud. The transition from manufacturing to collaborative manufacturing and from collaborative manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing. Mengniu, a domestic dairy enterprise engaged in physical production, is also actively embracing the industrial Internet to meet the new digital era. Lu Minfang, president of Mengniu Group, believes that data acquisition is very important. A Boeing 737 aircraft can produce more than 200 TB data from New York to Los Angeles, while our milk cup has about 170M data. If we produce milk of the same weight as the aircraft, we will probably collect nearly 30 TB data. This also reflects the dairy industry has a long industrial chain, Mengniu any product to achieve a leap forward in agriculture, animal husbandry, industry and services. "Nowadays, the demand of users is becoming more and more individualized and high-end. The traditional mode of mass manufacturing can not meet the needs of users in the present era. Therefore, it is necessary to transform from mass manufacturing to mass customization, that is, from product-centered to user-centered." Chen Lucheng, Vice President of Haier Group, said. In order to realize the transformation of this mode, Haier has created COSMOPlat for intelligent manufacturing solutions. The idea is to change the original product life cycle into user life cycle. The original product sold to the users home even if the end, now the product has become a netizen, can continue to connect with users, continuous interaction with users, consumers into lifelong users, into the whole life cycle. In addition, to achieve the whole process, the original process is in series, and the user information is transferred layer by layer after layer. The efficiency is very low, and the response speed is very slow. Now, the process is completely overturned and transformed into parallel connection. Each node is connected with the user and has a direct dialogue with the user. It can respond to the users personalized needs in the fastest time.

Intelligence Integrates New Opportunities of Digital Manufacturing Industry

Sun Pishu, chairman and CEO of Tidal Group, believes that in the era of industrial Internet, we are faced with many challenges and opportunities. However, in any case, cloud platform capabilities, information technology capabilities and advanced manufacturing capabilities are the foundation, these three capabilities build the "brain" of enterprises. However, it is a gradual process to let this "brain" play its role, just like a child born with the brain, but its growth is a process of continuous development and improvement, and increasing knowledge. "Over the past few years, Huawei has completely transformed the supply chain, manufacturing, management and customer service processes through IT, artificial intelligence and other technologies, and solved various problems in the actual scenario." For Zheng Ye, vice president of Huawei, Huawei has been pushing for lowering the threshold of technology use, lowering the overall cost in the form of shared cloud, and opening it up as a public module. "In Huawei, we don call it artificial intelligence, but enterprise intelligence. First we solve a scenario, then we solve practical problems." Similarly, Dell, as a hardware manufacturer, is grabbing industrial Internet opportunities. Wu Hailiang, vice president of Dell Technologies Group in Greater China, said that Dell is not only a PC, but also has a layout from cloud computing to artificial intelligence and big data. Now when we talk about industrial internet, we often talk about digital transformation. In fact, the fundamental change is the change of model and concept. The original model is from people to people, or from machines to people, such as driving cars, driving machines. The fundamental change of digital transformation adds information layer in the middle. What does information layer do? It is to collect machine data and then hand it over to people. Later in-depth analysis produces new business. Wang Zhiqin believes that the development of industrial Internet is the trend of industrial intelligence. To achieve this goal, we need to build a network infrastructure with low delay, high reliability and wide coverage. At the same time, there is a lack of new business and application models at the upper level. Through the platform of industrial Internet, a lot of operation optimization and Industrial Synergy and innovation have been achieved, and finally a new industrial ecological system has been constructed.

Constructing Industrial Internet Ecosystem by Multi-Linkage

"Our country has a wide range of industries and huge market space. The popularization rate of digital R&D and design tools in industrial enterprises has reached 66.4%, and the numerical control rate of key processes has reached 47.4%. However, compared with the overall level of developed countries, there is still a big gap. In addition, the development of manufacturing enterprises is not balanced and inadequate, and the core technology is still lacking. Liu Jie, deputy director of the Information and Communication Administration of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said. He suggested building a brand new industrial Internet
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